Non-consensual Content Consumption

cybercrimeThe Bahamas has seen a significant increase in inappropriate material sharing. The Bahamian public has been clamoring for what they deem to be scandalous, entertaining, and funny. Very few people acknowledge that sharing material such as sex tapes is a criminal act. Many social media users beg their friends and followers to send them the latest video or image so they can stay up-to-date and join the live, ongoing conversation about the activities and people portrayed.

Our Director addresses this issue in the latest Genderational column.

Photo and video leaks are a direct violation of privacy. Perpetrators aim to humiliate and/or vilify people by exposing private moments of their lives in isolation, creating a story that publicly morphs into the story. Victims are then, by public opinion, synonymous with the story as told by a criminal.

Public responses to cyber crimes are colored by the idea that we – women – are not entitled to our own bodies. We are warned not to take photos or record videos of ourselves, and ridiculed when such material is released without consent. This is not unlike the views on and responses to rape. The onus is consistently placed on potential victims to avoid the crime while resources are not used to discourage perpetrators.

Read the full article here.


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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

AprilIsSAAMJoin us this month as we raise awareness of sexual assault this month. We’ll be posting articles, sharing videos and posts, debunking myths, and discussing the roles we play in fighting rape culture and ending sexual violence. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, share our posts, and engage with our content. If you see anything cool you think we should share, send it our way. We love hearing from you!

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Rape is Not Sex

We just had to say it again, a few more times. Sex is not rape. The statement by the Bahamas Christian Council was so disturbing that we had to respond to it again. This time, we did it in the Stop Street Harassment blog.

The difference between sex and rape is clear. Sex requires consent while rape is a violation. Rape is about power and control – not sexual desire.

Dr. Ranford Patterson played the blame game in his statement. He suggested that victims are at fault, and perpetrators are helpless beings. He is completely misguided, perpetuating the myth that acts of sexual violence are caused by clothing, or lack thereof.

Rape has never been caused by physical environments, music, dancing, or costumes. The only common denominator in cases of rape is the rapist. It is, therefore, crystal clear, that the only entity guilty of rape is the rapist.

Read the full post here.

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Christian Council and Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival

As Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival quickly approaches, we are hearing more from people on both sides of the fence – proponents and opponents. While some think it is a brilliant idea and welcome the new festival, others are offended, confused, and/or angered by it. We expected a statement from the Bahamas Christian Council long ago, and it finally came last month. It was both disappointing and infuriating, serving only to perpetuate rape culture through the policing of women’s bodies and the sexualization of rape. The statement by the Bahamas Christian Council is not the only disturbing one, but it is the one our Director has responded to in Genderational – a column for The Bahamas Weekly.

The idea that women and girls invite acts of sexual violence against them is being promoted by the Bahamas Christian Council, thereby perpetuating rape culture. Whether or not he realizes it, Dr. Patterson’s comments serve to normalize and excuse the acts he seeks to prevent by policing women’s bodies. The stance he has taken, on behalf of the entire Council, serves to sexualize rape while blaming victims and attributing the injustices they suffer to the choices they have the right make without fear of judgment or reprisal.

Women and girls live in a world where they are constantly watched, assessed, policed, shamed, and blamed, and by no fault of their own. They endure sexual harassment in the workplace, school, streets, and other public spaces. They are expected to smile on demand, have sex with their husbands as commanded, keep their problems to themselves, and struggle silently as they navigate a world clearly built for men.

Read the full article here and stay tuned for more from Hollaback! Bahamas on Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival and the conversation around it.

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Philippa’s Story: “Don’t run from serious man.”

I was walking to my car by [major grocery store] and two men in a car slowed down to drive next to me. I walked through parked cars so they couldn’t keep doing it and they started speeding and skidding in the parking lot to get to the row I was in and almost knocked me down. I was in shock and one of them told me don’t run from serious man. I couldn’t even talk. The one who was driving laughed and they reversed out and drove off. My friend told me about Hollaback! Bahamas so I looked it up on Facebook so I could tell you what happened.

I've got your back!

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A Sexual Assault Survivor’s Story

We just had to share this amazing story, told by a sexual assault survivor. She fought through her fear and shock to confront the perpetrator. Witnesses came forward and assured her that she had their support. Bystander intervention! What happened next really sucks, but doesn’t discount her actions, or the actions of the great bystanders.

Check it out here.

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Our Director is a Queen’s Young Leader!

QYL FB ImageCongratulations to Director of Hollaback! Bahamas Alicia Wallace – one of 60 #QueensYoungLeaders chosen from across 35 Commonwealth countries. In June, she’ll be off to London for a one-week residential course, and a visit to Buckingham Palace where she will receive her award. Check out the full story here.

Our team is proud of Alicia and her work, and look forward to many more years of badass street harassment fighting.

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HB! Bahamas Director is SSH Blog Correspondent

SSHBlogCorhort1-2015We’re thrilled to announce that Hollaback! Bahamas Director Alicia Wallace is part of Stop Street Harassment’s Blog Correspondent Cohort for 2015.


She’ll guest blog on the SSH website once per month from January to April. We’ve had a sneak peek at the topics she plans to cover, and all we can say is watch both these spaces!

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