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January 18, 2016

Jay’s Story: “I intervened by pretending…

As I walked to a local fast food restaurant, I witnessed a college student being verbally harassed by a man (I presume she didn't know him). I watched their interactions for a bit, but then the man got too inappropriate, so I intervened. His inappropriate actions? He attempted to grope the student in the parking lot because she was trying to ignore him. I intervened by pretending to know the…
West Palm Beach
December 19, 2015

Brooke’s Story: “I just want to…

After dinner one night around 9PM, my friend and I were about to walk back to our apartment from dinner with a close friend of ours. Our close friend was going to walk back to his apartment in the opposite direction and asked if we wanted him to walk back with us. We've walked back to our apartment around this time on many occasions and we didn't see the problem…
December 8, 2015

Kay’s Story: “This b#!%$ acting like…

So this is a usual thing for me. I walk to school at least 3 days out of the 5 day week wearing headphones of course to avoid the harassers. I would say on a consistent basis, I'm harassed almost every time I walk to school, and even with headphones in, men still find it their obligation to smooch, honk horns or pull over on the side for me to…


#TooSexyToVote – Open Letter

Dear Parliamentary Commissioner Sherlyn Hall, In response to reports that Bahamian women were being turned away from voter registration stations, Hollaback! Bahamas co-organized a #TooSexyToVote action, bringing women together to register to vote in the clothing of their choice at the Parliamentary Registration Department on Farrington Road on January 4, 2017. All participants — whether … Continued

Vice Europe Article

As a woman walking around the city alone at night, there’s not much you can do if some creep decides to follow you around and harass you. But many women try to find a way to deal with feeling unsafe – to project an aura that will stop the harassment from happening. A brisk and … Continued