Our Team

Portrait SessionAlicia, Director

Alicia lives in Nassau and works at a non-profit organization. She is a writer, editor, and blogger. When she learned about the Hollaback! movement, she knew she had to build a strong team to start and run a local site. She is passionate about the movement, and looks forward to a world without street harassment, or any form of gender-bias.

Alicia is a social media powerhouse, strategic planner, feminist activist, and lover of words. She always has a plan and knows just the person to help put it into action.

terneille croppedTerneille, Assistant Director

Terneille is a music publisher and women’s rights activist. It is believed – in what is sure to become ancient mythology – that she sneakily used in-depth knowledge of Alicia to, without the use of words, convince her to start the Bahamas’ Hollaback! site. Terneille┬áis the founder of Bahamas Against Sexual Violence & Child Abuse. She┬áis a master of marketing, skillful crowdsourcer, and human rolodex.

Terneille has the unmatched ability to reach across the gender/age/racial/income divide to educate, uplift, and recruit.

Jessica, Member

Jessica works as a nanny and wants a better Bahamas for her nieces, nephews, and cousins to takeover live in. She’s an avid Facebooker, tweeter, instagrammer and tumblrer? She rocks at all things social media. Snippets, photos, videos, quotes, and articles seem to find her like a magnet finds steel. She starts conversations, shares things of interest, and keeps the crowd coming back for more.