Alicia’s Story

Walking home from the bus stop, a man slowed his car down to drive alongside me.
“Miss Lady!”
I ignored.
“You leave me on the light, ya know!”
I ignored.
Traffic is backed up behind him and people and blowing their horns at this point.
“You walk too fast, you ga get a ticket.”
I said, “Focus on driving and leave me alone.”
He sped off.
A driver in the line of traffic said, “Oh, I see what happen. No wonder he stop. You lookin’ good, eh!”
I sped up and he drove off. As I walk past a corner, a guy in a vehicle yelled after me about what he wanted to do to me. I passed my corner because he drove behind him and I didn’t want him to have any idea about where I live. Traffic, again, got back up and the horns of irate drivers got him moving. I waited until I couldn’t see him any more to turn back and go through my corner.