Anti-Street Harassment Week

meetusonthestreet fb graphicWe’re excited about Anti-Street Harassment Week (ASHW) which starts on March 30. It gives us the perfect opportunity to get into the community and open the dialogue on street harassment. Living in The Bahamas, it’s plain to see that people don’t realize street harassment is not normal, though it is normalized. It’s not something we should just have to deal with. It needs to be addressed. ASHW gives us the platform, with international connections, to educate Bahamians on street harassment and ways to stop it.

Our first events during ASHW are a bit of a secret operation. We’re going for a bit of a shock factor, and we feel very strongly that it will pay off. If you’re interested in joining our small team and getting in on the early action, feel free to drop us a message and we’ll get back to you. Here’s what we have in store:

Sunday, March 30 at 6pm – Chalk Walk

Monday, March 31 at 8:30am – Chalk Talk

Wednesday, April 2 – Press Release

Friday, April 4 at 6pm – Wheat Pasting (tentative)

If you’re interested in participating in any of these events, send us an email to request more information.

Be sure to check out the Meet Us on the Street website for more information on Anti-Street Harassment Week and check out the events taking place all over the world.

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