Bianca’s Story

I’m tomboyish and a closeted lesbian. I do the dress, nail polish thing. The other day I was walking downtown (I was wearing jeans, converse and a graphic t-shirt). Some guys catcalled me and I ignored. They did it again: “Aye, miss, you ain’t hear my boy aye? Cheapus you come dis way.”

I began to get a bit uncomfortable, so I put my headphones on — blasting the music to the loudest it could go. This must have bothered them because one of the guys pulled my headphones out of my ears and said: “You’se a dyke aye? Come let me fix you.”

I was scared at this point, so I walked off (really fast) and stayed close to where the police officers were. Yes, I’m gay. Yes, I’m a woman. But, that doesn’t give YOU OR ANYONE permission to verbally harass me for your own pleasure or ego (in believing you can make me like men).