Brooke’s Story

After dinner one night around 9PM, my friend and I were about to walk back to our apartment from dinner with a close friend of ours. Our close friend was going to walk back to his apartment in the opposite direction and asked if we wanted him to walk back with us. We’ve walked back to our apartment around this time on many occasions and we didn’t see the problem in walking back alone this time around. We told him that he didn’t have to and began to walk back to our apartment. As we were walking down the dark street, we noticed that a man was walking closely behind us. We thought that he was trying to walk in front of us, however, he kept walking closer and closer behind us rather than around us. The man now began to walk extremely close to my friend and I and attempted to make conversation with us. He said things such as ‘How y’all doing?’ and then proceeded to tell my friend ‘I just want to talk to your friend’ after realizing that we weren’t going to respond to him.

After seeing that these attempts had failed, he then said ‘I just wanna leave something with y’all.’ In between these comments, my friend and I began to speed up our walking and told him ‘We don’t wanna talk to you, sorry’ in hopes that he would leave us alone. In a slight panic, I called our close friend who was walking back to his apartment and just muttered the word ‘help’ and whispered to him that a man was following us. After we nearly sprinted and turned the corner, he finally stopped following us. About five minutes later, our friend sprinted out of the dark street where the guy had been following us. He was out of breath, but by then, the man had already left. After this encounter, our close friend walked us back to our apartment, and we never walked alone that late at night again.