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Christian Council and Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival

As Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival quickly approaches, we are hearing more from people on both sides of the fence – proponents and opponents. While some think it is a brilliant idea and welcome the new festival, others are offended, confused, and/or angered by it. We expected a statement from the Bahamas Christian Council long ago, and … Continued

A Sexual Assault Survivor’s Story

We just had to share this amazing story, told by a sexual assault survivor. She fought through her fear and shock to confront the perpetrator. Witnesses came forward and assured her that she had their support. Bystander intervention! What happened next really sucks, but doesn’t discount her actions, or the actions of the great bystanders. … Continued

Bill Cosby Show at Atlantis

Hollaback! Bahamas was utterly dismayed to learn that proceeds of the Bill Cosby event held in the Atlantis Live Theatre – hosted by the Nassau Chapter of The Links, Incorporated – would fund a women’s safe house. Whether or not Cosby has been tried and found guilty, rape allegations and the dignity of those reporting … Continued

Equality for 370,000+ Depends on 38

The Bahamas finds itself in a very uncomfortable position today. Over the past few weeks, conversations have been going on about equality. Women’s rights have been at the forefront of this conversation, but women are not the only people affected by the conversation’s catalyst. That catalyst? Four Bills. Four Bills recommended by the Constitutional Commission … Continued

The F-Word: What Feminism is NOT

Most of the trouble with feminism isn’t actually related to feminism. It’s confusion. It’s misunderstanding. It’s failure to do a little research. Many people have the absolutely wrong idea about feminism. People make associations that, when compared to real-deal feminism, make no sense. We’ve already made it pretty clear what feminism is, right? Let’s take … Continued

The F-Word: What is Feminism?

Where feminism is concerned, confusion abounds. People have strong, visceral reactions to the mere mention of the word. Its definition escapes the masses. It requires explaining.   Conversations concerning feminism must, eventually, address two questions: 1. What is feminism? 2. What is not feminism?   For now, let’s focus on what feminism is all about. … Continued

The Other F-word

When this word is spoken, people run for cover. Many men seek shelter, or don every piece of armor imaginable in preparation for the battle of their lives. Many women try to go unnoticed, slipping away as inconspicuously as possible to avoid any chance of association with the term.   This particular F-word is fear-inducing, … Continued

Why Girls Think Sexual Harassment is Normal

Here are 4 myths, according to Everyday Feminism, which lead to girls viewing sexual harassment as normal: 1. Males of our species have very poor self-control. 2. Female sexuality exists for the benefit of and belongs to men – and men alone. 3. Girls must take responsibility for male sexuality and protect themselves against it. … Continued

Address by Mlambo-Ngcuka at ECOSOC Youth Assembly

We just read the address by Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka at ECOSOC Youth Assembly, and this excerpt stuck with us: One in three girls will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. Every minute, a young woman is infected with HIV. Eight hundred women are dying in childbirth each day. Young women are particularly vulnerable due to … Continued