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#LifeInLeggings Regional Solidarity March: The Recap

“Everyone ready? Everyone’s in place?” Alicia Wallace, Director of Hollaback! Bahamas, inquires. “Then let’s go!” Instantly, the Urban Renewal band picks up their gear and prepares to hit the road for what would turn out to be the most adventurous day. The brass section licks off the tune of Julien Believe’s “Live And Whine” and … Continued

Claire Ayoub’s “A Series of Comebacks”

Hollaback! Bahamas attended Binder Con – a conference for women and gender non-conforming writers – in Los Angeles in March, and had the pleasure of meeting Claire Ayoub, a writer and produce who currently works with Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. Claire is hilarious, so it was no surprise when we stumbled upon her YouTube series A … Continued

Video: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on Feminism

Author of Half a Yellow Sun and Purple Hibiscus, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is intelligent, culturally aware, hilarious, composed, and a feminist. She is a fantastic, engaging speaker, and you won’t even feel the minutes go by as you tune in to her talk.

The F-Word: What Feminism is NOT

Most of the trouble with feminism isn’t actually related to feminism. It’s confusion. It’s misunderstanding. It’s failure to do a little research. Many people have the absolutely wrong idea about feminism. People make associations that, when compared to real-deal feminism, make no sense. We’ve already made it pretty clear what feminism is, right? Let’s take … Continued

The F-Word: Laci Green Talks Feminism

In our last post, we defined feminism. It’s a word that causes confusion for some – mostly those who don’t bother to look it up – and that is quite detrimental to the largely misunderstood movement. During the month of July, we’re committed to educating you on feminism – it’s definition, misconceptions, the history of … Continued