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Getting Gas

*Me trying to get gas* Some guy: I bet you like it rough. Me: I like it silent and about 200 feet away from me before I stab it to prove a point.

#LifeInLeggings Regional Solidarity March: The Recap

“Everyone ready? Everyone’s in place?” Alicia Wallace, Director of Hollaback! Bahamas, inquires. “Then let’s go!” Instantly, the Urban Renewal band picks up their gear and prepares to hit the road for what would turn out to be the most adventurous day. The brass section licks off the tune of Julien Believe’s “Live And Whine” and … Continued

#LifeInLeggings Story

#lifeinleggings When police officers can ask you personal information, unwarranted, whilst entirely ignoring the existence of your male coworker beside you DESPITE your constant mention of his name as a reminder. Makes it quite obvious you are interested in me and your potential to have me. You don’t need my name. You don’t need my … Continued

Alicia’s Story

Walking home from the bus stop, a man slowed his car down to drive alongside me. “Miss Lady!” I ignored. “You leave me on the light, ya know!” I ignored. Traffic is backed up behind him and people and blowing their horns at this point. “You walk too fast, you ga get a ticket.” I … Continued

Kay’s Story

#lifeinleggings Before I got my car and before my family moved, I lived a 15 minute walk and 5 minute drive away from UB. Of course, like in most neighborhoods, I experienced harassment daily. I’ve tried down-dressing, re-routing and even responding nicely to get these creeps to leave me alone but this particular morning was … Continued

Brooke’s Story

After dinner one night around 9PM, my friend and I were about to walk back to our apartment from dinner with a close friend of ours. Our close friend was going to walk back to his apartment in the opposite direction and asked if we wanted him to walk back with us. We’ve walked back … Continued

Kay’s Story

So this is a usual thing for me. I walk to school at least 3 days out of the 5 day week wearing headphones of course to avoid the harassers. I would say on a consistent basis, I’m harassed almost every time I walk to school, and even with headphones in, men still find it … Continued

Jay’s Story

As I walked to a local fast food restaurant, I witnessed a college student being verbally harassed by a man (I presume she didn’t know him). I watched their interactions for a bit, but then the man got too inappropriate, so I intervened. His inappropriate actions? He attempted to grope the student in the parking … Continued

Bianca’s Story

I’m tomboyish and a closeted lesbian. I do the dress, nail polish thing. The other day I was walking downtown (I was wearing jeans, converse and a graphic t-shirt). Some guys catcalled me and I ignored. They did it again: “Aye, miss, you ain’t hear my boy aye? Cheapus you come dis way.” I began … Continued

Kay’s Story

Usually I don’t ever find myself in Wendy’s on a regular school day because I’m never about the wait and poor customer service. But of course you know, my friend wanted to drag me into Wendy’s today of all days because we had had enough of the cafe’s food & pasta from Brandon’s Deli. I’m … Continued