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Therez’s Story

I got on a bus after a log day at work. The bus was full so I had to sit in one of the middle pull out seats. As I get on I see the guy in the front of me staring me down like I owed him some money in the past. I am … Continued

A Personal Street Harassment Story

Hey, y’all! Alicia from the Hollaback! Bahamas team here. I started to make a Facebook post, but thought I should share it here.   I experience street harassment every single time I leave my house. If I’m out, it happens. Multiple times per day. I intentionally limit the amount of times and the amount of … Continued

Lakeisha’s Story

I was walking toward my car when a man said, “That’s a pretty walk you have, eh?” When I didn’t respond, he started talking loudly about “disgusting women in this country”. [got_back]

Philippa’s Story: “Don’t run from serious man.”

I was walking to my car by [major grocery store] and two men in a car slowed down to drive next to me. I walked through parked cars so they couldn’t keep doing it and they started speeding and skidding in the parking lot to get to the row I was in and almost knocked … Continued

Alicia’s Story: “Sexy knee!”

I had to walk for about 5 minutes to do an errand. In that short time, I was harassed 5 times. Yes, one time per minute. First, three people honked their horns at me. Then, some guy yelled, “YELLOW!” He was referring to my complexion. It was all capped off with another person who yelled, … Continued

Amy’s Story: “Hey, bald head!”

As I walked by with my friend, I could feel some guys staring at us. They didn’t say anything until we were several yards away. Then one of them yelled out, “Hey, bald head!” When I didn’t respond, he yelled again, “Bald head!” I didn’t feel like getting into it with him, so I just … Continued

Deandra’s Story: “Let me hear the cat meow”

As I was walking between terminals one day (alone), I hear a young man (assumed to be a domestic porter) shout in my direction, “Ay, yellow! Lemme put sumtin’ in yuh belly fuh you… ‘n ine talkin’ ’bout no lunch”. Another time, while (again) walking between terminals, a man says to me, “Let me hear … Continued