Event Summary: Protect Women & Children

Coalition to End Gender-based Violence & Discrimination is comprised of the following non-partisan NGOs:

  • Bahamas Against Sexual Violence & Child Abuse (BASV&CA)
  • Hollaback! Bahamas
  • Bahamas Urban Youth Development Center (BUYDC)
  • Families of All Murder Victims (F.O.A.M)
  • Bahamas Women’s Watch

The Coalition hosted Protect Women & Children – an event which welcomed the public to learn about forms of abuse and its harmful effects, share stories of hope and healing, and speak freely on related issues.

Six speakers addressed those in attendance on various topics related to Gender-based Violence (GBV).

20140409_075253Stephen Aranha, Assistant Professor, Social Science, The College of The Bahamas
Problems with the current approach to violence
Victim blaming

Alicia Wallace, Director, Hollaback! Bahamas
Definition and examples of street harassment
The Hollaback! movement

Terneille Burrows, Founder, BASV&CA
Social Media Responses
Child Molestation Survivor Story

Donna Nicholls, Founder, Bahamas Women’s Watch
GBV is a “We” problem
Victims, Perpetrators, and Bystanders
Signs of Abuse

Beaumont Todd, Survivor
Child Abuse Survivor Story

Khandi Gibson, Founder, F.O.A.M.
About F.O.A.M.
Harmful Effects of Murder in Society


2014-04-09 12.59.42Throughout the morning, Terneille Burrows moderated open forum sessions, allowing those in attendance to participate in the conversation. Many issues were discussed, questions asked and answers, ideas shared, and strategies identified.

Items discussed during the open forum include:

  • Education in Williemae Pratt Centre for Girls
  • Rehabilitation for Perpetrators
  • Counselling for Perpetrators
  • Dr. Allen’s Family – Group Sessions
  • Response to the #MPMillerDisaster
  • UN’s CSW58 attended by Minister of Social Services Melanie Griffin, M.P.
  • Access to Resources
  • Breaking the Cycle
  • Training Youth to Resolve Conflicts in Non-violent Manner
  • Response to Street Harassment Gender Role Reversal Short Film Oppressed Majority (video)
  • The Power and Responsibility of Women in The Bahamas
  • Regaining our Humanity as a Nation
  • Evaluating Urban Renewal 2.0
  • Accountability of Leaders
  • “Better in The Bahamas” for Bahamians First

From the discussion, the following suggestions and recommendations were made:

  • Continued education for girls at Williemae Pratt Centre for Girls
  • Decentralization of Social Services
  • Complete listing of resources to be compiled and shared widely
  • Visit schools

Coalition to End Gender-based Violence & Discrimination is developing a Plan of Action. Our next steps include:

  • Followup on submission to The Bahamas Government on Monday April 14, 2014
  • Contact all NGOs to determine services offered and add to database
  • Connect with school administrators and guidance counsellors
  • Participate in National Task Force on Gender Based Violence in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas bi-weekly meetings
  • Create of a Gender-Based Violence PSA


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