The F-Word: What is Feminism?

Where feminism is concerned, confusion abounds. People have strong, visceral reactions to the mere mention of the word. Its definition escapes the masses. It requires explaining.


Conversations concerning feminism must, eventually, address two questions:

1. What is feminism?

2. What is not feminism?


For now, let’s focus on what feminism is all about.
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In the simplest of terms, feminism is a(n)…

–belief that men, women, and gender-nonconforming people should have equal rights

–idea that rights should not be gender specific or discriminating

–movement aimed at and advocating for the definition, establishment, and protection of equality in social, political, economic, legal, and cultural rights for people of all genders


The important word to remember whenever feminism is discussed is equality. Every false idea about feminism is due to the lack of understanding of its true definition and ignorance of this core principle. Equality.


To summarize:

–Feminism is a belief in equality.

–Feminism is the idea that all people – regardless of gender – should have access to the same opportunities through the equal rights principle.

–Feminism is the movement which advocates for equal rights for people of all genders.


480px-TransGender_Equality-Symbol_black-and-white.svg (1)Equal playing field. Equal access to jobs. Equal opportunities to run for political office. Equal pay for equal work. Equal access to public spaces. Equal right to assembly. Equal access to contraception and sexual and reproductive health services. Equal representation in film, literature, music, and visual arts. Equal domestic responsibilities. Equal voice.


Equal, equal, equal, equal, equal, and then a lot more equal.


Feminism is about equality. It’s a belief. An idea. A doctrine. A principle. A cause. An agenda. A necessity. An answer. A movement. It’s inclusive. It’s for everyone. It’s for you. It needs you.

Get with it.



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