Jessica Valenti says, “We need to walk the streets without fear”

Check out Jessica Valenti’s post The end of hisses, whistles and stares: we need to walk the streets without fear for The Guardian.

Below is an excerpt from the piece that really drives the point home, and makes us imagine a world where, in order to be safe, women must be segregated and stick to women-only spaces.

But what makes street harassment difficult to tackle in everyday life is that there doesn’t seem to be a clear-cut way to deal with it. Other countries have tried to implement female-only train cars to curb harassment, Italy opened a women-only beach to stop the leering and catcalling and now hotels are even offering floors dedicated only to female travellers.

The message here is that women should change their behavior, not men. And what happens if women-only spaces become the norm and someone is harassed outside of one – will we blamed for not taking our designated train car? We deserve safety in public spaces, not just in segregated “safe zones”.

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