Kay’s Story

Usually I don’t ever find myself in Wendy’s on a regular school day because I’m never about the wait and poor customer service. But of course you know, my friend wanted to drag me into Wendy’s today of all days because we had had enough of the cafe’s food & pasta from Brandon’s Deli.

I’m waiting on the line to reach the cashier to pay for my meal as I had already placed my order from the – we’ll call her, ‘speedier’ service waitress. Lo & behold, a college student was being groped …wait for it… by junior high boys! Yeah, I know. WTH?! was what I was thinking too.

She was literally just trying to get back to her table where her friends were sitting waiting on her (so it appeared) and every time she tried to walk past them, they would take their hand and try to touch her backside or poke out their male parts until it touched her backside.
ME: “Why are you so gross?!”
THEM: *Look up at me and laugh*

Eventually she gave in and just walked passed them allowing for them to grope at her as she hissed her teeth.

The biggest shock was not that it happened but that it happened by a group of 13-16-year-old boys. It makes me question what are they seeing behind closed doors? What are their fathers doing that they see as “OK” and why aren’t their mothers intervening? It starts from demonstration and turns into display. And it’s NOT OK!
I’m just happy there are programs like Hollaback! Bahamas that exist to raise awareness to this issue we’ve accepted for far too long. #EndSH