#LifeInLeggings Story

#lifeinleggings When police officers can ask you personal information, unwarranted, whilst entirely ignoring the existence of your male coworker beside you DESPITE your constant mention of his name as a reminder. Makes it quite obvious you are interested in me and your potential to have me.

You don’t need my name. You don’t need my birthday. You don’t need to know a damn thing about me and you don’t need to ask me these things as a way to use your fucking power and privilege to make me uncomfortable and flirt with me while you’re in a fucking uniform and making me feel threatened and uncomfortable in my place of work.

What’s worse is my conditioning makes me automatically answer and comply. It’s only after the fact when I can gather my thoughts that I think of the million things I wish I could have told you about. Including telling you about your sorry ass.
You’re supposed to protect people.
Fuck you dude.