Message from a Hollaback! Bahamas Supporter

Last year I decided to write a research paper on sexual harassment as a means to try and educate my fellow Bahamians that cat calling should not be ignored. In the process I wrote a small survey and handed it to 50 individuals only 30 individuals reported some form sexual harassment. My research proved that Bahamians were not even aware that catcalling was actually a form of sexual harassment or even realized that they were being harassed. They were not aware there was a way to react OTHER than ignoring it and moving on with life. Many were not even aware that they were being sexually harassed when their decline of the advances produced a negative reaction in the other individual. Many who were surveyed as a means to cope have decided to take actions of sexual harassment as a sign of attractiveness, as they felt helpless about being able to do anything about it. As one individual wrote “I cant do anything about it, so I might as well say that I am attractive.”

Most Bahamian Individuals are conditioned to believe that sexual harassment is ok and you have to accept it because there is nothing that can be done about it. I am proud to see that there is a “I holla back” page for the region of the Bahamas. This is very meaningful to me on so many different levels. As I am an individual who refuses to turn a blind eye to catcalling and sexual harassment. I refuse to accept it as a “part of life” and I actively attempt to work against it. Thank you for the existence of this page. Please maintain it and update it regularly.