Non-consensual Content Consumption

cybercrimeThe Bahamas has seen a significant increase in inappropriate material sharing. The Bahamian public has been clamoring for what they deem to be scandalous, entertaining, and funny. Very few people acknowledge that sharing material such as sex tapes is a criminal act. Many social media users beg their friends and followers to send them the latest video or image so they can stay up-to-date and join the live, ongoing conversation about the activities and people portrayed.

Our Director addresses this issue in the latest Genderational column.

Photo and video leaks are a direct violation of privacy. Perpetrators aim to humiliate and/or vilify people by exposing private moments of their lives in isolation, creating a story that publicly morphs into the story. Victims are then, by public opinion, synonymous with the story as told by a criminal.

Public responses to cyber crimes are colored by the idea that we – women – are not entitled to our own bodies. We are warned not to take photos or record videos of ourselves, and ridiculed when such material is released without consent. This is not unlike the views on and responses to rape. The onus is consistently placed on potential victims to avoid the crime while resources are not used to discourage perpetrators.

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