Proposal Sent to The Government of The Bahamas on April 7, 2014

On Monday, April 7, Coalition to End Gender-based Violence & Discrimination send a proposal to The Government of The Bahamas to address the issues of domestic violence and gender-based violence in The Bahamas.

The Coalition requested the following:

• A series of meetings with law enforcement officials throughout The Bahamas to plan action on the ground which may or may not include:

– Gun amnesty for a set period (as in Oct 2011)

– Defense force marine deployment to assist with the crime fight (as in Sept 2013)

• Quarterly meetings attended by the Prime Minister, Minister of National Security, Minister of Social Services, senior public officials and the Coalition to End Gender-based Violence & Discrimination

In an effort to educate and re-condition the mindset of the nation, we propose the following initiatives:

• Upgrade the current Family Life Curriculum in high schools to include gender-based

• Support a widely publicised campaign utilising daily newspapers, radio ads, violence awareness and anti-harassment module and implement in Fall 2014 television ads, billboards and street art to:

– Increase public awareness of the pervasive and harmful effects of domestic and gender-based violence

– Advise the public of penalties for sexual harassment and assault

– Implore victims and bystanders to report all instances of sexual harassment and assault

– Inform the public of resources available to combat gender based violence.


We also support the proposal for the establishment of a separate court for Sexual Offenses and the following stipulations:

• Closed court for victims to give evidence.

• Treatment for juvenile sex offenders.

• Supervision orders for discharged sex offenders.


We also propose the exploration of:

• Mandatory arrests for statutory rape where physical evidence exists

• Mandatory conviction for failure to report any form of abuse against a minor

• Amendment of the current Sexual Harassment Law to address Sexual Harassment outside of the workplace.

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