Protest – Wednesday, March 19 in Rawson Square

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We invite all HollaBack! Bahamas supporters, members of Bahamas Against Sexual Violence & Child Abuse (BAV&CA), advocates of women’s rights, and residents of The Bahamas to join us in calling The Government of The Bahamas to action. We will meet in Rawson Square on Wednesday, March 19 from 8:45am to 11:00am to protest the silence of the country’s leaders and demand action. We also ask you to sign the online petition.

In case you’re not aware of what has been happening, here’s a recap:

February 20 – Member of Parliament made comments suggesting domestic violence is a “joke” in the House of Assembly. Other MPs either laughed or remained silent.

March 5 – Events of February 20 made public by local media

March 7 – Representative of BASV&CA attended The Bureau of Women’s Affairs Panel Discussion and presented our Call to Action

– Official Call to Action was sent to Minister of Social Services Melanie Griffin, M.P. in response to her request at the Panel Discussion

March 13 – Call to Action, receiving no response from Minister of Social Services, was forwarded to The Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, M.P., Prime Minister of The Bahamas

March 14 – Having received no response, the petition to the Prime Minister of The Bahamas to take specific action (as recommended in the Call to Action) was launched, and plans were made for the protest to be held in Rawson Square on Wednesday, March 19 at 8:45am.

Show your support for the victims of domestic violence and violence against women in this country. Refuse to accept the silence of this country’s leaders. Call upon your representative to take your interest to heart. Demand action from the Government of The Bahamas to end domestic violence and violence against women.

Join us on Wednesday in Rawson Sqaure. We look forward to meeting you.


2 responses to “Protest – Wednesday, March 19 in Rawson Square

  1. Leslie Miller disrespected every Bahamian woman with his sick statement that he beat a former girlfriend to the point where his hand hurt…and then claimed he was “joking” after the public outcry.
    We live in a violent society where domestic abuse against women is a real problem and our parliament cannot be used as a platform to advance this type of socially retarded thinking.
    Mr. Miller needs to remember that he was elected to serve both women and men and it is the women as well as the men who pay his salary.
    Shame on every MP who laughed at his sick “joke” and on the women MPs who remained silent, choosing to place their political careers above principle.

    1. Valid points, Athena!

      We must also realize that this, unfortunately, is not an isolated event. We are not fighting one person. We are coming against a mindset. A prejudice. A lack of understanding of the issues of male privilege, domestic violence, and violence against women. These things lead to such “jokes”, laughter in response, and the failure of many to speak up when they know it is wrong. We need our government to realize that they are setting a precedent. We depend on them to represent us and not their own interests, and we need them to let go of their clannish mentality, fears, and reservations in the name of justice, honour, and integrity.

      Let us keep the conversation going!

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