This particular incident happened to me several years ago while I was working as a cashier in a nightclub/bar. The security officer used to always throw out sexual comments towards me and I’d always ignore him. I hoped he’d simply get the point that my ignoring him meant I wasn’t interested. Unfortunately he chose took my ignoring him as an invitation to become physical.

One night after closing, I was waiting for my boss to come so I could leave. It was just me and the security guard. I was using the restroom and started washing my hands when he (security) walked in. I immediately told him to get the hell out. He told me I was too smart for my mouth, and that now he knew I was too afraid to be mouthy.

I tried to push past him but he grabbed me, pushed me against the wall and started groping me. I was yelling at him to stop and tried pushing him away but I couldn’t. He started trying to undo my jeans when the boss walked in. I ran out of there, jumped in my car and went home. Nothing was ever done. He was able to keep his job. I reported him to police, but they literally did nothing. Surprise surprise! I quit the following day!