Small Islands and Good Manners Pt. 2

street-harassment-muralDid you read Small Islands and Good Manners Part I? It explored the cultural norms of The Bahamas that seem to dictate that strangers interact with one another, whether or not it makes one of them uncomfortable. People appear to be resistant to acknowledging or understanding changes in society which either put women and girls at risk, or call upon men and boys to change the ways they interact with women and girls.


In Part II, Alicia delves into the differences in the experiences of Bahamian women and Bahamian men. The article challenges the idea that manners are more important than safety, or even perceived safety.

Bahamian men move through life with a tremendous amount of unrecognized privilege. They are concerned about their egos, manners and courtesies extended to them, and the subsequent feelings they inspire. They are unaware of – or simply unmoved by – the perpetual fear plaguing women simply for existing in a world where men dominate in the physical sphere. They are unfamiliar with a woman’s thought process as she approaches them, or any area where they could be lurking.

Check it the full article here.

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