Small Islands and Good Manners

3.30.14-Bahamas-respect-girls-1024x768Street harassment is largely viewed as a minor inconvenience – if that – to be dealt with by women. Many fail to see it as a threat, an act of violence, an interrupter, a part of rape culture, or the compromise of safety in public spaces. Too often, we talk about street harassment as though it only affects adults.

In an article for the Stop Street Harassment blog, Alicia shares her first memory of street harassment. She was in her school uniform, 8 years old, and with her mother.



The first time I was street harassed, I was with my mother, wearing a plaid jumper, and 8 years old. It was terrifying, embarrassing, and guilt-inducing. My mother was furious, but I couldn’t tell whether the object of her rage was the creepy 30-something man or me.

“That’s a pretty girl, eh?”

My chest overheated and I froze. Something about it wasn’t right.

“Whatchu sayin’ mother-in-law. I wan’ marry your daughter.”

Read the full article here.

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