Solidarity March Partner Highlight: Holly Bynoe (Cosmosis)

We’re excited to partner with Cosmosis Institute to introduce the practice of yoga to the participants in the Reclaim Our Streets March of Solidarity, Tiny Talks Speaker Series, and Expo. Holly Bynoe will spend the afternoon with us, talk to us a bit about the practice and the ways in can enrich our lives, and share her practice with two groups of women through two 40-minute sessions, each with its own focus.


Holly_sideways“I am a cultural worker, a warrior in the trenches, light seeker, conduit, and artist. My practice as a teacher/student reinforces the connection between the mind/body relationship and how we play the edges of discomfort and self-care to find a deeper meaning in our presence. I continue to show up for myself, my family of light and the wider community of those who are looking to continue their grounding, growing, and healing.”

-Holly Bynoe


Sadhana Focus

Class 1: Lighting the Fire

Moving through tough moments in our life is hard. Finding the space to cultivate presence is something that we tend to forget. We, as women, continually choose (unconsciously) to put ourselves on the back burner in our lives. In fact, most of us aren’t even in the kitchen. The practice and the intention that we set will put ourselves back in our homes — in the center — where we create heat to nurture ourselves and the ones we love. The more we show up for ourselves, the more we show up for the people we care for. This sadhana will kindle strength and openness, paying particular attention to our hearts and hips. The practice is open to all levels and will focus on cultivating awareness, presence, and strength.

holly standing tall


Class 2: Surrender

“Surrender is an act of power that takes the reins away from the false personality and hands them over to an essence. Surrender is letting go of the attachment to being “right” and the attachment to drama and suffering. Surrender is letting go of fear, giving up the need for control, and finally releasing emotional wounds, shame, guilt, and resentments we have been carrying around for eons.”

Mystic Mama

holly standingExplore your authentic self: your movement and the silence you need to cultivate space to grow, become stronger and manifest light to carry you through your days. We will work through standing postures and hip openers while slowing the pace down considerably to think about body awareness and deeper movements. The practice is open to all levels and will focus on cultivating space for our breath, silence, sweetness, and ease.



We’re looking forward to sharing in these sessions, and all the value it will bring to us and our intentional practice of self-care and mind-body connectedness.

Women and girls in The Bahamas are invited to join us, after the march from Potter’s Cay, on The Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts grounds on Mackey Street on Saturday, March 11, 3-5pm. Stay up-to-date on the event details on Facebook and check out Cosmosis Institute.

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