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Forrester J. Carroll Believes Women Expose Themselves to Danger

In response to the Protect Women & Children event post, Forrester J. Carroll, Consul General to New York saw fit to post this comment: We are disgusted and outraged by this bold display of ignorance, arrogance, and misogyny. We could not let such a comment go unanswered, or fail to use this teachable moment. Here … Continued

Response to MP for Tall Pines’ Comments on Abuse

We, at HollaBack! Bahamas, are on the ground, responding to what we have dubbed the #MPMillerDisaster. We have live-tweeted our reaction to The Nassau Guardian’s report of MP for Tall Pines Leslie Miller’s comments in the House of Assembly on February 20, 2014. Miller used an inappropriate analogy in his contribution in which his aim … Continued