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Small Islands and Good Manners Pt. 2

Did you read Small Islands and Good Manners Part I? It explored the cultural norms of The Bahamas that seem to dictate that strangers interact with one another, whether or not it makes one of them uncomfortable. People appear to be resistant to acknowledging or understanding changes in society which either put women and girls … Continued

Small Islands and Good Manners

Street harassment is largely viewed as a minor inconvenience – if that – to be dealt with by women. Many fail to see it as a threat, an act of violence, an interrupter, a part of rape culture, or the compromise of safety in public spaces. Too often, we talk about street harassment as though … Continued

Event Summary: Protect Women & Children

Coalition to End Gender-based Violence & Discrimination is comprised of the following non-partisan NGOs: Bahamas Against Sexual Violence & Child Abuse (BASV&CA) Hollaback! Bahamas Bahamas Urban Youth Development Center (BUYDC) Families of All Murder Victims (F.O.A.M) Bahamas Women’s Watch The Coalition hosted Protect Women & Children – an event which welcomed the public to learn … Continued