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We #SupportThePuff

Last week, students were told by a Bahamian high school principal that their hair was not appropriate for school. The young women were wearing their hair in what is now known as a puff – an afro with a headband around it. Further investigation revealed that the principal takes issue with natural hair, and believes girls put … Continued

Philippa’s Story: “Don’t run from serious man.”

I was walking to my car by [major grocery store] and two men in a car slowed down to drive next to me. I walked through parked cars so they couldn’t keep doing it and they started speeding and skidding in the parking lot to get to the row I was in and almost knocked … Continued

Amy’s Story: “Hey, bald head!”

As I walked by with my friend, I could feel some guys staring at us. They didn’t say anything until we were several yards away. Then one of them yelled out, “Hey, bald head!” When I didn’t respond, he yelled again, “Bald head!” I didn’t feel like getting into it with him, so I just … Continued

Deandra’s Story: “Let me hear the cat meow”

As I was walking between terminals one day (alone), I hear a young man (assumed to be a domestic porter) shout in my direction, “Ay, yellow! Lemme put sumtin’ in yuh belly fuh you… ‘n ine talkin’ ’bout no lunch”. Another time, while (again) walking between terminals, a man says to me, “Let me hear … Continued

Walking While Fat and Female

Here’s an excerpt of a blog post on “walking while fat and female” we came across this week: I’m sick of it. I’m sick of not feeling like I can say anything to the jerks that yell at me. Like I can’t react. And that I can’t even share that this experience happens daily with … Continued

A Day in the Life of a Woman

This French film shows a man going about his day, but one thing is different. He is treated, by the women he encounters, like women. What is often accepted as “everyday life” for women becomes cringe-worthy when the situation is reversed. Watch the video and let us know how it makes you feel.

Women Not to Blame for Being Catcalled (The Gloss)

There’s a great article by Hayley Hoover on The Gloss which explains why women should not be blamed for being catcalled. Here’s a snippet: One evening, just as it was starting to get dark, a man who was walking in the opposite direction of me turned on his heel and followed me until he could … Continued

10 Things Street #HarassmentIs

Exactly one month ago, we participated in a tweet-up hosted by Hollaback to discuss street harassment, paying particular attention to racial issues. Soraya Chemaly, a Huffington Post writer, captured some of the tweets and blogged about the conversation. A few of our tweets were included. Here’s an excerpt from that post: Until women are able … Continued


On my way from the bank machine to the car, someone working on the building stepped toward me and said, “Smile! You so pretty. Smile!” I held my hands out in front of me and yelled, “GET BACK! DEMAND NOTHING FROM ME!” He was pretty thrown off and didn’t know what to do. Passersby stopped … Continued