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The F-Word: Laci Green Talks Feminism

In our last post, we defined feminism. It’s a word that causes confusion for some – mostly those who don’t bother to look it up – and that is quite detrimental to the largely misunderstood movement. During the month of July, we’re committed to educating you on feminism – it’s definition, misconceptions, the history of … Continued

Laci Green on the UCSB Shootings

In this video, Laci Green talks about the links between misogyny and violent masculinity and acts of terror such as this “war on women”. She also makes the connection between those issues and street harassment, and ease with which they escalate beyond our imagining. Yes. Misogyny actually kills people.

Consent 101

In this video, Laci Green explains what consent is and what it is NOT. She also outlines situations where consent is not possible. Please watch and share with others.