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Rape is Not Sex

We just had to say it again, a few more times. Sex is not rape. The statement by the Bahamas Christian Council was so disturbing that we had to respond to it again. This time, we did it in the Stop Street Harassment blog. The difference between sex and rape is clear. Sex requires consent … Continued

Response to Cosby Event and Donation Printed

Our open letter to the women’s organization that planned the Cosby event at Atlantis and intended to use proceeds to fund a safe house was printed in The Tribune on Tuesday. We expressed our outrage at the decision of the organization to not only host the event, but participate in what could be Cosby’s honeymoon … Continued

Bill Cosby Show at Atlantis

Hollaback! Bahamas was utterly dismayed to learn that proceeds of the Bill Cosby event held in the Atlantis Live Theatre – hosted by the Nassau Chapter of The Links, Incorporated – would fund a women’s safe house. Whether or not Cosby has been tried and found guilty, rape allegations and the dignity of those reporting … Continued

Consent 101

In this video, Laci Green explains what consent is and what it is NOT. She also outlines situations where consent is not possible. Please watch and share with others.

Spoken Word by Jeremy Loveday

Jeremy Loveday – two-time defending Victoria Poetry Slam Champion – expresses his thoughts and feelings about rape culture. At the end, he directly addresses men, and we wish others would do the same, but we’re glad this man does. Men, take your masks off. Men, take responsibility. Men, open your mouths wider. Show more than … Continued