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#LifeInLeggings Story

#lifeinleggings When police officers can ask you personal information, unwarranted, whilst entirely ignoring the existence of your male coworker beside you DESPITE your constant mention of his name as a reminder. Makes it quite obvious you are interested in me and your potential to have me. You don’t need my name. You don’t need my … Continued

Vice Europe Article

As a woman walking around the city alone at night, there’s not much you can do if some creep decides to follow you around and harass you. But many women try to find a way to deal with feeling unsafe – to project an aura that will stop the harassment from happening. A brisk and … Continued

Chalk ‘n’ Chat 2016

We held our second annual Chalk ‘n’ Chat in collaboration with Pro Society at College of the Bahamas as part of International Anti-Street Harassment Week. Hollaback! Bahamas COB Ambassadors did a fantastic job of engaging students in the conversation about street harassment. They even made this cool video so anyone who missed it could see what … Continued

Global Street Harassment Covered by NPR

“How are girls and women treated by men in different countries? What must women do to protect themselves?” These are some of the questions posed by Malaka Gharib to women in seven countries including Afghanistan, The Bahamas, and South Africa. She wrote about the ways women in different countries experience street harassment and how they … Continued

Small Islands and Good Manners

Street harassment is largely viewed as a minor inconvenience – if that – to be dealt with by women. Many fail to see it as a threat, an act of violence, an interrupter, a part of rape culture, or the compromise of safety in public spaces. Too often, we talk about street harassment as though … Continued

Alicia’s Story: “Sexy knee!”

I had to walk for about 5 minutes to do an errand. In that short time, I was harassed 5 times. Yes, one time per minute. First, three people honked their horns at me. Then, some guy yelled, “YELLOW!” He was referring to my complexion. It was all capped off with another person who yelled, … Continued

What Catcalls Actually Mean

We came across this video with people yelling out what they’re actually saying to people they catcall at, and think it’s pretty awesome. We just had to share it with you.     If you nodded your head or said, “HUZZAAAH!” or anything of the sort while watching that video, please share it widely. People … Continued

Why Girls Think Sexual Harassment is Normal

Here are 4 myths, according to Everyday Feminism, which lead to girls viewing sexual harassment as normal: 1. Males of our species have very poor self-control. 2. Female sexuality exists for the benefit of and belongs to men – and men alone. 3. Girls must take responsibility for male sexuality and protect themselves against it. … Continued