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Rape is Not Sex

We just had to say it again, a few more times. Sex is not rape. The statement by the Bahamas Christian Council was so disturbing that we had to respond to it again. This time, we did it in the Stop Street Harassment blog. The difference between sex and rape is clear. Sex requires consent … Continued

Why Girls Think Sexual Harassment is Normal

Here are 4 myths, according to Everyday Feminism, which lead to girls viewing sexual harassment as normal: 1. Males of our species have very poor self-control. 2. Female sexuality exists for the benefit of and belongs to men – and men alone. 3. Girls must take responsibility for male sexuality and protect themselves against it. … Continued

Forrester J. Carroll Believes Women Expose Themselves to Danger

In response to the Protect Women & Children event post, Forrester J. Carroll, Consul General to New York saw fit to post this comment: We are disgusted and outraged by this bold display of ignorance, arrogance, and misogyny. We could not let such a comment go unanswered, or fail to use this teachable moment. Here … Continued