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Small Islands and Good Manners Pt. 2

Did you read Small Islands and Good Manners Part I? It explored the cultural norms of The Bahamas that seem to dictate that strangers interact with one another, whether or not it makes one of them uncomfortable. People appear to be resistant to acknowledging or understanding changes in society which either put women and girls … Continued

Tony Porter’s Call to Men

Tony Porter, co-founder of A Call to Men, is an educator, activist, and lecturer working for social justice. We came across a TedTalk by Porter which describes the man box and explores the way boys are reared and grow into men inside what he dubs “the man box”. He makes a point about the way … Continued

Protest – Wednesday, March 19 in Rawson Square

We invite all HollaBack! Bahamas supporters, members of Bahamas Against Sexual Violence & Child Abuse (BAV&CA), advocates of women’s rights, and residents of The Bahamas to join us in calling The Government of The Bahamas to action. We will meet in Rawson Square on Wednesday, March 19 from 8:45am to 11:00am to protest the silence … Continued

Minister of Social Services Response to Abuse Talk

There has been a demand for a response from Minister of Social Services Melanie Griffin with regard to MP for Tall Pines Leslie Miller’s outrageous admittance to physically abusing a former partner and later dismissal of the statement as a joke. The people of The Bahamas expressed¬†great displeasure at the statements and the¬†MPs’ laughter which … Continued

Response to MP for Tall Pines’ Comments on Abuse

We, at HollaBack! Bahamas, are on the ground, responding to what we have dubbed the #MPMillerDisaster. We have live-tweeted our reaction to The Nassau Guardian’s report of MP for Tall Pines Leslie Miller’s comments in the House of Assembly on February 20, 2014. Miller used an inappropriate analogy in his contribution in which his aim … Continued