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Global Street Harassment Covered by NPR

“How are girls and women treated by men in different countries? What must women do to protect themselves?” These are some of the questions posed by Malaka Gharib to women in seven countries including Afghanistan, The Bahamas, and South Africa. She wrote about the ways women in different countries experience street harassment and how they … Continued

Response to Cosby Event and Donation Printed

Our open letter to the women’s organization that planned the Cosby event at Atlantis and intended to use proceeds to fund a safe house was printed in The Tribune on Tuesday. We expressed our outrage at the decision of the organization to not only host the event, but participate in what could be Cosby’s honeymoon … Continued

Event Summary: Protect Women & Children

Coalition to End Gender-based Violence & Discrimination is comprised of the following non-partisan NGOs: Bahamas Against Sexual Violence & Child Abuse (BASV&CA) Hollaback! Bahamas Bahamas Urban Youth Development Center (BUYDC) Families of All Murder Victims (F.O.A.M) Bahamas Women’s Watch The Coalition hosted Protect Women & Children – an event which welcomed the public to learn … Continued