The F-Word: What Feminism is NOT

Most of the trouble with feminism isn’t actually related to feminism. It’s confusion. It’s misunderstanding. It’s failure to do a little research. Many people have the absolutely wrong idea about feminism. People make associations that, when compared to real-deal feminism, make no sense.
We’ve already made it pretty clear what feminism is, right? Let’s take a minute to debunk the myths of feminism. Here is what feminism is NOT:


–Hating men
–Just for women
–About making women more powerful than men
–Trying to get special privileges for women
–Blaming anyone for mistakes we’ve made
–Making women victims
–Being ugly
–Making it mandatory for women to stop shaving (or any other method of hair removal)
–Excluding men
–Ignoring the issues men face
–For white women only
–Existing at the expense of men
–Extinct or unnecessary

Feminism does not negate freedom. It does not steal choice. It does not victimize anyone. It does not perpetuate stereotypes. It does not seek to make men suffer. It does not aim for women-over-men inequality.


Feminism is about equality. Equal social rights. Equal economic rights. Equal political rights. For everyone.


If you have a definition or idea of feminism in your mind and it does not coincide with equality, it’s wrong. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. Go directly to jail this post.


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