The Other F-word

When this word is spoken, people run for cover. Many men seek shelter, or don every piece of armor imaginable in preparation for the battle of their lives. Many women try to go unnoticed, slipping away as inconspicuously as possible to avoid any chance of association with the term.


This particular F-word is fear-inducing, power-snatching, revolutionary, and altogether misunderstood. It’s meaning, for anyone who bothers to look it up, it clear, but its root sends people running. It seems the word itself and the ideas it evokes – not its actual meaning – is the fuel to the fire of fear, confusion, and resistance. Oh, language, the convolution you cause!


In this, the 21st century, we can’t continue to ignore the word, its meaning, or its implications. We have to address it, and it seems we have to do so repeatedly and more and more people hear it, but not its meaning. We have to combat the misconceptions in order to eradicate the fear and resistance. This, friends, is the beginning.


July is the month to discuss – DUN DUN DUNNNNN! – feminism!


There. It’s been said. Feminism.


We’re talking feminism all month long. We’ll start with the basics. We’ll define it, recall its history, cite examples of it in action, assess the progress of the movement, and highlight its leaders. This is going to be a great education for you, regardless of your age, gender, income, education level, political affiliations, religious beliefs, or any other identity marker.

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