Try is Colbie Caillat’s Message of Self-Love

We interrupt our Feminism 101 series to bring you a new song/video from Colbie Caillat. The song and video work together to deliver a message of body acceptance and self-love, and rejects the notion that we need to spend hundreds of dollars and hours of valuable time attempting to look a certain way for someone else’s pleasure.

Check out this perfectly feminist video with beautiful women for an amazing, uplifting song. This song will probably be stuck in your head, but you’ll appreciate it.



If you love wearing makeup and having hair extensions makes you feel amazing, awesome! We, in no way, are saying you should never get dolled up. We just want you to know you’re beautiful, and we hope you like you, because we do.

Please share this video widely. There are lots of women and girls who need to hear this song, and see the beauty that exists in joy, freedom, self-acceptance, and self-love.

To learn more about the inspiration behind Try and the making of the video, check out this article.

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